I started out using RSTS and VMS on DEC machines, PDP/11s and VAXes. This was mostly Cobol work -- although I pretty much regard all languages as the same -- and system management work.

Ah, but there's not much work left in minis in this part of the country, now that Windows is kicking around. I find that most computer work has gone from programming and working on information flow to reinstalling Windows. That's a fairly sad commentary on the state of computing in general.

It wouldn't do to disclose too much information, since these days security has become a problem, but here's most of my past and current setup.

I'm running Linux here, and have been since Slackware 3 or so. I converted in about 2004 from using a separate server to using one of my desktop machines as my main server, since it was so stable (running Slackware) for so many years.

In 2006 I started running my server on a static DSL connection near the Central Office, and that's been a darned good connection. The power has also been great, knock on wood. The server can usually stay up for a year at a time or so before I need to work on it or we have some significant storms or a hurricane or the like.

At home, I previously ran a 2.4k dedicated dialup with a static IP on a second phone line for 12 years or so. This was always fine with me, because I value reliabilty over bandwidth. I have always lived a bit too far out of town to get good internet connections, but in 2004 started using Rioplex Wireless, and have been happy with the connectivity and speed, and can recommend them if you can't get DSL.

Right now I am running Ubuntu Server for the home gateway / NAT / firewall / file server functions and Ubuntu Desktop machines for the various family computers. There is one Windows machine in the house, but it is limited to setting up a couple of IP cams and running a couple of other setup programs that require Windows.