New Releases!

These are also from the 1982-1989 date range, but I have never released them before. I'll do them bit by bit, as I have the time to comment on them. Here's the first one:

Baby, You Know

Some of my songs are inspired by real-life events and people, but not all. This one, I can't remember, although it wouldn't surprise me if Linda was behind it!

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Baby you know I had a difficult time
I had to stop you and then ask you why
I believe I got your answer then, loud and clear
When you turned around and spit in my eye
Well, I know it's a game, and you know it's a shame
When neither one of us will tell the truth
But down in my brain, where my thoughts are a train
I know the fault is all because of your youth
Baby, you know, you've got me hangin' low
Like a monkey swingin' out of a tree
I'm a pig in a sty, you're a bird on the fly
I see you flyin' 'round in circles over me
As a matter of fact, in a manner abstract
I wish to register with you a complaint
Well, I've told you before, and I'll tell you some more
That everything that you may think you are, you ain't
(lead guitar)
Well, it's the end of the line, it's the end of all time
And you are finally convicted, it's true
It was obvious because of all your heinous crimes
There was nothing else that they could do
No cosmic significance, no lasting effect
No impression that forever stands
'Twas the success or failure of your happiness, not mine
That you were twistin' like a towel in your hands

Alton's Original Songs (circa 1982 - 1989)

Here are some of my original songs. Unless otherwise mentioned, the songs are all by me and I play all of the parts and do the singing. These are _very_ old recordings, but some of them sound ok.

If you'd like to download more than one song at a time, you can point your ftp program to and have at it!

The songs are listed here in order of "quality", which is a combination of how good the songs are and how good the recordings are. I suggest that you download them in roughly this order.

NOTE: If you click on the "Download now" link and the song starts to download without prompting you where to save it, then some program (Realplayer or WinAmp or something) is going to play it when it finishes downloading, but it won't be saved on your disk anywhere! If this happens, cancel the download, then right-click on the "Download now" link and choose "Save link as" instead, so you'll be prompted where to save the file.

Helluva Wife

This is a modern-day love song. The guitar came out ok on this song. There is a short piece of the lead missing from this recording, but it's ok anyway.

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You don't walk to close, or drift too far
I like everything about the way you are
Girl with the eyes, and the long black hair
You look good walking or just lyin' there
Big pretender tried to take the throne
But you're the only one that ever turned me on
Others left me with a bloody nose
Believe me I've had many of those
(lead guitar)
Long white dress, candlelight
Sophisticated, outta sight
Playin' pool, dressin' loud
Actin' sexy, stun the crowd
Drive my car, share my life
Spend my money, probably make a helluva wife

Shake It On Down The Aisle

For some reason, I imagine the video for this song depicting a church with a solemn wedding ceremony -- during which everyone busts out dancing!

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Now I'm with you, and you make me feel like a natural man
And you fill up my head and my whole world when you hold my hand
You say you're my love and you fit in my life easily
And I want to be with you, that won't change as far as I see
Well, I'm a fun liver, but now somehow you've changed my style
I'm still having fun, but it's you now that makes life worthwhile
I'm thinking of spending the rest of my life just with you
I'm gonna do something that I never thought I would do
I wanna shake it on down the aisle with you
I wanna marry you
(lead guitar)
Baby you know, I've got it all figured out, knowin' what I got to do
Gonna look you right now in the eye, shake it on down the aisle with you

I Jump Up

This is a teenage-rebellion type of song. I particularly like the reference to the cattle prod.

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I jump up, but you push me back down
Then you grab my chair, and you spin it all around
You tell me the things you say are right for me, but
How'm I gonna know, 'cause you never let me see, the
Things that are goin' on in the world
I wanna get loose, I wanna find myself a girl
But you've got me blindfolded so that I cannot see
You've got me handcuffed, but I wanna be free
You try to cut me off from the realities of life
But I wanna be out, and learning' something every night
And you've got me strapped down, shinin' light into my eyes
If I ever did some thinkin' for myself, you'd be surprised, that
I wanna get out, and I wanna have some fun
I wanna do some silly things, the same as everyone
But you turn to your assistant, and you give 'em a nod
They go out through a door, they come back with a cattle prod
You used to have me fooled, you had me thinkin' you were right
But I've got it figured out, and now I curse you every night
And you made a big mistake, you never gave me any trust
But I'm gonna bust loose, 'cause I'm doin' what I must, and that's
Get away from you, 'cause you're messin' with my mind
I'm looking for some happiness, I think I'm gonna find
It's a long, long road, better be on my way
I've got so much to learn, and I've got so much to say.

Hit Me

This song is probably about my ex-girlfriend. Obviously I wasn't too happy with her at the time. Jesse Colon played guitar on this song, doing an excellent job as always.

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Hit me, and I'll rub your nose
In that awful thing you done
Baby, you didn't treat me right, you just
Packed your bags and run
And I don't know how to deal with things that
Pop into my head
But I'll tell you true, when I'm finished with you
You're gonna wish we never met
You're gonna wish we never met
For that awful thing you done
You were a dirty little girl, and I picked you up
When you were on your knees
Picked you up and I taught you right
And now you stand on your own two feet
When you were mine, thought you were the kind
That picked up some sense from me
Now you're ungrateful and you think
That you can stand without me
That you can stand without me
But it's kinda tough you'll see

In The Night

Recorded in collaboration with Jesse Colon, who plays lead, this song is somewhat along the "romantic" line. Um, it's good anyway. :-)

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It's late at night, with the full moon through the
Storm clouds gathering
I unlock my door
Automatically, while thinking
Of my time with you
You really set my head to spinning
In, the night
I'm all alone and I'm thinking about you
I turn on the television
Helps me pass the time without you
Distant peal of thunder
Makes the noisy parts of the house shake
I look through the curtains
At sprinkling on the window pane
In, the night
I'm all alone and I think it's gonna rain
Thunder knockin' on my door
So late at night, who could be there?
Open up to find you shivering
Big-eyed girl with long wet hair
Funny thing how people say that
Nothing ever turns out right
In, the night
Rain on the roof, and you to hold me tight

I Sit In The Park

This song was written to resemble -- and does sound like -- Jethro Tull. It's kind of a play on / sequel to the "Aqualung" song.

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I sit in the park and watch the children play
Looks like I'm doin' this now every day
I see the old men
Maybe I've become one of them
I tell myself there ain't no way
Goals I have not, responsibilities none
My mind is empty, and there's nowhere to run
Now I'm livin' someone else's life
God, you know, I'm only thirty-five
Feels like my life is done
But I remember in another life
I had a son, and I had a wife
But that was so, long ago
You'll never know, what I've been through
Wish I could forget, but my memory's cruel
And now I regret the seeds that I once sowed
Sitting outside, on a stay-indoors day
But nobody cares, and no one turns my way
No one wants to look at me
I've been cast out, by the ones of the city
But there's no feeling inside of me

Little Debbie

This is a song I recorded on a lark, since it's not along the usually stylistic lines of my music (it sounds a little rough :-). However, it turns out that girls like it a lot, for some strange reason...?

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Come on, Little Debbie, come on over to me
As sweet as the pies, that bear your name
You know that when I'm finished with you
You know that things ain't never gonna be the same
I roam in the valley, and I jump from the tree
There just ain't no way to hide from me
You're gonna give it up, that's what I say
And I'll use my power just to make sure, you give it up today
Jump back, 'cause I give you a surprise
But I wanna tame a certain wild look in your eyes
Run fast, but I trip you up hard
I want you, I got you, and I'll take you apart

Reflections / My Resolve

This song has two sets of words. This one is about contemplating reality.

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Joyfully romancing, the wind
Thinkin' 'bout the shape, that my mind is in
Overpowered by the ways of nature, and of God
Revelations shower over me
Why do I feel one now with the world
Patterns begin to reveal themselves, and secrets to unfurl
I analyze an object, and it seems to fit right in
It represents ideas that I'm thinking
(transition between songs)
Come on, baby
I have a need for you
Come on, baby
I have a need for you
You know you love me
And I've been blue
So come on baby
Whatcha gonna do?

Young And Good

This is the first song I ever recorded. Too bad the quality isn't higher, but I was using a mixer I built myself for this song, and many others. Oh well, it was a start!

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I remember you from way back when
When you were young and good
And you were always the quiet type
I wanted you so bad
And now you're older, I see you again
I wanna know, do you have a boyfriend?
I get the urge, to be with you
I can't forget what I never had
You remember when I was in school?
When I needed attention, I acted the fool
Think of all the trouble, that I went through
Just for the sake of some attention from you
I wanted you then, but I'm scared of you now
I wanna be your friend, but I don't know how
Need someone to talk to, and I think you do too
Lemme try to help you, lemme make you feel new
Thinkin' 'bout the times, from way back when
Never thought I'd ever see your, face again
Look in your eyes of deep deep blue
You smile at me, and I smile at you, and
You're still quiet, you don't say much
But you respond when I give you a touch
Better take advantage, better think fast
Looks like I've gotten through to you at last!

Star Hopper

This is a song about space travel. The music is probably more relevant than the words, to tell you the truth.

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I just hit the speed of light
I'm in a perpetual midnight
I'm goin' from star to star
'Cause I don't know where you are
Not knowin' quite what to do
I've sent this message to you
So if I never break free
You will know what has happened to me
I don't, navigate well
As you can probably tell
Hope I find the right black hole
Before I get too old
Make the jump into hyperspace
And if I don't find the human race
I'll be forgotten by friends of mine
Traveling space, lost in time
Been gone for two years now
But I'm still hangin' on somehow
Not much to do in these parts
I study physics, create some art
Philosophize every now and then
Wonder if I'll ever see home again
Warning sounding, hold on tight;
I've just hit the speed of light.

Catch The Heart

This is the second song I ever recorded. If you can make out the words and the lead, it's really pretty good. And no, this song is not autobiographical at all!

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I'd like to catch the heart of that girl over there
She knows that I love her, but she don't even care
I play the game of love, and I practice my part
I wanna play with her, but she don't wanna start
I've a lover boy, and I travel around
So far I've done well with all the women I've found
But this one here don't act, like the others do
I swear before long, she's gonna break my flippin' heart in two
Well, I play the game well, and I'm accustomed to win
But she makes me feel dizzy, now my head's in a spin
Well, she sent me a message, the other day
But she sent it with her husband, and he told me not to play
With her any more
Good thing he took my word, when I said I didn't know
I was gonna have fun, but he ruined the whole show
Well, I'm no real expert, but I'll tell you that you'll very
Likely get a broken heart, from a woman who is married

Catch Me When I Fall

This is a cute song -- which means the words aren't particularly heavy, or even numerous, but it's ok overall.

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Catch me when I fall
'Cause I don't know anything at all
About lovin' you
I don't know what I should do
With a lady like you
Catch me when I fall
So I won't fall so far
And I won't end up black and blue
And I can end up with you

Entertainment For A King

I actually wrote out the music for this instrumental song and recorded it on the keyboard. It sounds like drums, funky bass, and two violins.

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Rhythm King

My friend John Champion, a very fabulous guitar player, recorded the rhythm guitar part to this instrumental, and I thought that part of it was so good that I didn't even bother to add words. :-)

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No recording yet, but the words say it all.

How come you won't let me go out at night,
Drink with the boys in the band till daylight?
You know that I'm tryin' my best to be good,
I just can't start doin' the things that I should.
I shouldn't have brought you along's what they say
You're makin' a mess of my hell-raisin' ways
You've got too much interest in my social life
The girls ask me sometimes if you are my wife
Mama!  You're drivin' me crazy!
Now Mama!  Quit callin' me baby!
You know I'm tryin' to do what is right...
Mama, quit makin' a mess of my life.
You're makin' things hard on a boy out for fun
Like the other day, when I almost had me some
I was makin' good headway with a cute little dear,
When you run up and drug me away by the ear!
You're drivin' me crazy, I think you can see,
It's makin' my fans laugh; they joke about me!
I got no more friends 'cause they're all runnin' from
The country star still on a leash to his mom!